Cosmetic Research Tour, the Tour de France for cosmetics research. Register quickly for this 5th Edition!

See you next Thursday, November 16 at the IUT of Evreux.

This 5th edition has the theme of Measuring and controlling impact on Man and the Environment. You will have the opportunity to participate in the following interventions:

  • Presentation of COSMETOMICS@URN, a platform supporting manufacturers in evaluating the safety and harmlessness of ingredients. Presentation by Marc Feuilloley, University Professor and Head of the Cosmetomics@URN platform

  • Development of collective action for the creation of a “Microbiote Friendly” repository: Intervention by David Suissa, General Director of the company BIOFILM Control

  • Creation of a structuring action on the environmental impact of cosmetic products by the UMR Environmental Stress and BIOmonitoring of aquatic environments (UMR-I 02 SEBIO)

The morning will end with an on-site visit to the CBSA laboratory (Bacterial Communication and Anti-Infectious Strategies), which has 6 technical platforms: Research in microbiology, microfluidic analysis, interatomic (MST and SPR techniques), genomics (bioinformatics analyzes & biostatistics)

You will also have the opportunity to participate in the afternoon organized by the GDR (Research Group) Cosm'Actifs, which brings together 50 academic research laboratories working on 4 axes:

  • Axis 1: sourcing: bioactives / ingredients
  • Axis 2: formulation and vectorization
  • Axis 3: biological targets and models
  • Axis 4: safety and conservation.

Useful information :

Schedule : from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., BtoB meetings (face-to-face or digital) between researchers and industrialists , OR Possible participation in the afternoon organized by GDR Cosm'Actifs

Location : IUT of Evreux, 55 Rue Saint-Germain, 27000 Évreux

Detailed program   : here

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Amandine GOUBERT