Cosmetic 360 2024 - Call for papers for the 2024 conference program

What if we reversed time?

What if we reversed time?

The notion of longevity-sustainability in cosmetics encompasses all innovations - new products, new processes, new uses, new organizations, new approaches, etc. - helping to delay or even reverse the effects of aging on our skin , and on the other hand to extend the lifespan of products/equipment/packaging... and more generally to optimize the impact of our industry on Man and the Environment.

All this requires a better understanding of the mechanisms of action of ingredients and finished products, the implementation of eco-design approaches, and the further development of life cycle analysis.

By integrating key concepts such as regeneration, cellular anti-senescence, proteome, genomics, epigenetics, sustainability and well-being, longevity cosmetics seeks to optimize skin and mental health at different levels .

This notion of longevity also applies to all professions contributing to a cosmetic product or a perfume . Thus the durability of the materials used in packaging, the notions of predictive maintenance for equipment, processes in favor of the environment, the preservation of resources, are stakeholders in this commitment.​

Sustainability is therefore an essential aspect of longevity cosmetics, involving not only the environmental sustainability of cosmetic products, but also their ability to maintain positive results on the skin over the long term, thereby reducing the need for excessive products and encouraging a more conscious and holistic approach to care.

What if optimism was the secret to our rejuvenation?

Let's anticipate, see further and contribute together to global collective well-being for a more sustainable life and planet.

Proposal of the 4 sessions :

  • Longevity – sustainability trends : brands, new concepts, etc.
  • Packaging : sustainable materials, reuse, refills/bulk, deposits, etc.
  • Industry : Services (green logistics, predictive maintenance, new claims tests, etc.), etc.
  • Ingredients : anti-senescence, regeneration, etc.

Apply until May 31, 2024.
Applications in English only.

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